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Virtual Summer Camp

Children often are dealing with a lot of unnecessary problems and pressures and most often they don’t know how to deal properly with these pressures, children who are under pressures often act out as a cry for help.  


More then often these children do not get the proper help or attention they need but they often get a label as being BAD. Once children believe they are bad they will act accordingly.

When children act out most of the time this is cry for help often times these children get labeled as BAD and pushed off to the side. Children these days are often just dealing with real life situations that as a kid they are not mentally or emotionally able to deal with as they act out.

The Detour Program has taken on the mission to Give bad a new meaning and we have designed programs especially for these B.A.D Kids. We Chose the Acronym Bad for a reason, anything or anyone regardless of how BAD it may be can be changed and present a new image.


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