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B-Against Bullying All Star Weekend


Bullying is a rising problem all over the country.
Unfortunately Bullying is very underrated, some even believe it's not real. Unfortunately while it seems the issue is being overlooked all over the country, we have parents losing children daily due to suicide because the pain from Bullying is to much to handle. 

It is our belief, that Bullying is very detrimental during adolescents when children are still trying to define who they are. We know that we cannot completely stop bullying but we do believe that we can counteract some of the negative effects of bullying by promoting the importance of Self Love.


If we encourage our children and build them up to Love themselves and be confident in who they are, negative remarks from non-factors will not cut as deeply. We need to encourage our children despite their circumstances they have purpose. 

With that being said, The Detour Program Inc. 501c(3) Public Charity Annually sponsors a B-Against Bullying All Star Weekend


This is an Empowerment filled weekend around the theme #SelfLoveIsLove that averages 200-300 people and consists of planned activities for the whole family, free food and refreshments and showcases national, and international speakers from all over, sharing their gifts and resources to help in the community here in Arizona.
If you wish to support our continued efforts to provide this worthwhile venture, Please consider Donating or Becoming a Sponsor For The Detour Program's B-Against Bullying All-Star Weekend. 

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Tel: (602) 760-9283

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