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The B.A.D.G.I.R.L.S. Club (“Beautiful and Determined Girls in Real Life Situations”) is a group that meets for mentoring sessions designed to give girls an opportunity to feel empowered. These sessions help adolescences gain self-awareness, develop positive coping mechanisms, improve daily problem-solving skills, feel connected with other girls, and make healthy decisions as they grow through turbulent times. We offer counseling, group discussion, and fun activities.  Girls will learn social skills that will assist and equip them to handle “Real Life Situations.” 

The B.A.D.G.I.R.L.S Club is designed to address problems at home and at school that are a natural part of every young woman's life. Our basic premise is to educate and mentor   young women on what to do with their perception of real-life problems (which is the key to growing up). 

Upon completion of the program, these young women will gain the knowledge to make healthy decisions to avoid some of the potential pitfalls that may await them on their journey toward adulthood. Our curriculum provides an insightful exploration of feelings and experiences, enhancing the social and emotional development and while helping  girls focus on:

•     How to value and guard the mind, body, and heart against sexual and emotional compromise
•    Development of a deeper level of self-confidence 
•    A greater appreciation for self. 
•    Guides through the temptations of young adulthood 
•    Demonstrates how one can live life to the fullest without many regrets.


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Tel: (602) 760-9283

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