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Erica Gist born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and a graduate of Paul Laurence Dunbar Highschool. She was raised by her Grandparents due to her parents suffering from drug addiction and being left by her mother at just two weeks old. While in Elementary school, not having the traditional family setting as everyone else she fell victim to extreme bullying. The stress from it all caused stress eating ending in childhood obesity which also caused more bullying and suicidal ideations. Erica is a survivor of childhood molestation, Domestic Violence, Depression, and Suicide.

In 2014 Erica Graduated from Phoenix College earning her Certifications in Family Development, Adolescent Studies, and Family Support. Erica is the CEO/Founder of The Detour Program Inc. A 501c3 Non- Profit based in Phoenix, Arizona committed to second chances and fresh Starts. The Detour Program Inc. has been recognized for program such as (B.A.D.G.I.R.L.S.) Beautiful and Determined Girls in Real Life Situations Club, and B-Against Bullying All-Star Weekend.

Erica is a proud employee of a local phoenix school district where she serves as a family and community engagement coordinator, providing education, workshops, resources, while creating opportunities for parents to ensure their child’s school success. Erica is very passionate about serving underprivileged at-risk youth on a path to destruction and offering them solutions to success. Erica’s life story and journey is a true example of resilience, determination and Self Love.

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