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Gena McDonald

Developing Butterflies Big Sister Program established April 6, 2016,

by Gena McDonald. 

Gena McDonald,  born in Dayton, Ohio is a mother of two (a son and a daughter), holds a Bachelor degree in Applied Behavioral Science, Certified Community Health Worker and is very passionate about helping our Little Sisters (young ladies) be confident in who they are so they can overcome their obstacles. 

She didn’t have a bad life but growing up with three parents on drugs and the three main women in her life survivors of domestic violence, she was already considered a statistic to repeat her environment, but she had other plans and all 3 of her parents played a major role in helping her become the women she is today.  

Gena wasn’t involved in any mentoring or big sister program but realized that if she had a mentor or Big Sister, she could have made some better choices sooner-than-later, which is how Developing Butterflies came about; giving back what she didn’t have! Providing a space that offers a safe environment, challenging our Little Sisters to step outside their box, empower them to think positive, confidently, use their voice, receive support, and guidance while building relationships and having fun. 

She wanted to provide a program where little sisters could come be themselves, have fun, build strong lasting relationships, while receiving support and guidance to help them develop into their full potential.

Chandi Rae

Chandi Rae, Is a self-made entrepreneur, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, rape survivor  that resulted in her becoming a teen mom at 15 years old. Chandi Rae grew up as a military brat in Tennessee, California and Germany which postured her as a well-rounded and grounded woman who’s able to navigate well in diverse cultures. Chandi Rae is an international speaker, image consultant, author and a board certified professional master life coach specializing in confidence, image transformation and helping other find their life purpose. Chandi Rae developed a strong love and passion for professional development after an extraordinary training/boot camp with world renown motivational speaker, Les Brown. This sent her on a healing journey and she wanted nothing more than to show other women how to go from pain to purpose.
Chandi Rae created a life transformational workshop and retreat called Vanish Board™, this workshop retreat has become international as it has impacted women all across the United States as well as other countries such as Canada, Port Antonio Jamaica and Africa. Chandi Rae has taken her conferences Tell Your Story, and Shero the run way internationally to Nairobi, Kenya. Though Chandi possesses many gifts and skill sets, she is very humble in character, compassionate, and giving. She accredits these accomplishments to the strength and core of who she is which lies in her strong spiritual beliefs. Chandi Rae’s ultimate mission is to spread hope and empower women globally to visualize and manifest the life of their dreams and to exemplify an authentic image from the inside out.

Dwain Wilkinson

Dwain Wilkinson is above all, a father, and a highly driven, hardworking native from Miami, FL. Not only is he the owner and creative designer of his graphic design company (DGFX Miami, LLC), Dwain also is a full-time security director, and musician for his church. Dwain was raised in Nassau, Bahamas when his parents decided to move after college in 1984. Dwain returned to the united states at the age of 16, where he completed high school and joined the US Navy in 2001. After 5 years of service, Dwain was discharged in 2006 and returned to his hometown where he enrolled in college and obtained his BA in Business Administration in 2012.

In 2010, Dwain was introduced to a beginner course in photoshop and found his passion for graphic design. By 2011, became a freelance graphic designer and started DGFX Miami, LLC. He would go on to provide services internationally for clientele, contract celebrity projects, and take on the role of creative director for several organizations.

Dwain fell in love with music at an early age. Always excited to learn new things, he taught himself how to play the piano at the age of 16. Dwain was hired as the church musician in 2008 where he currently plays to date. He has held the title of deacon, youth director, and minister of music during his tenure.

Dwain has over 17 years of security experience working for both Homeland Security and private contracted security agencies. He is knowledgeable in the security field and prides himself for recognition as an asset to any company.
Dwain has now turned his efforts to mentoring young men and women; teaching those have a passion for graphic design and are interested in perfecting their craft. He passionately believes that “No one gets left behind.” 

Constemecka Russell

Chicago Native Temecka Russell is an innovative, hardworking, entrepreneur who is the COO of ASRWIT Educational Consulting and CAR-G Squared LLC Educational and Literacy company. Temecka by trade is a Certified Apple Educator teaching Secondary English/Language Arts & Reading Educator, who has now added Certified Life Coaching. Temecka has a Master's in Education from Grand Canyon University.

She has also earned a Master's in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus in Secondary Reading. A former Reading Adjunct, Curriculum Coach and Educational Consultant, Temecka loves to read as well as teach others to read. Temecka has also had the privilege of creating core curriculum and virtual instruction due to the recent Covid-19 Pandemic.

Temecka is very passionate when it comes to being an active member in the community of shaping tomorrow's leaders. As a parent, one of Temecka's most proudest moments occurred in 2016 when she, along with her daughter, released their first Young Adult novel, Being a Boss Like Ari Ross. This YA novel is an empowering journey of a young Black Girl's journey to finding her voice. She is extremely pleased, proud, and excited to introduce her freshman novel and the beloved character of Ari Ross. 

As the parent of a budding young Black Girl, empowering other young girls of color has become important for Temecka. It is also important to Temecka that she emulates to young ladies in each of her classroom experiences, someone who has successfully survived some of the same struggles in which they find themselves dealing in today's times. For this reason, she makes sure to build rapport which encourages, supports and champions their successes. 

Rio & Micca

Rio and Micca Watkins are Power Strategists and Best Selling Authors who partner with CEOs, educational facilities, and organizations to empower their audience and teams to step into their greatness by teaching social-emotional learning strategies to increase wellness and mental clarity.

After spending over two decades working in Sales, Telecommunication and Corporate Training Rio and Micca know what effectively reduces stress, drives productivity and boosts employee and student morale—and it's not installing a gym or hiring an executive chef for your organization or facility. It's about how well you connect with the hearts and minds of your most valuable assets - your people and your students. You're trying to develop a relationship by fostering a transparent and open communication type of environment to help them feel included and counteract the effects of mental health issues that are so common today.

Rio and Micca have landed coverage in broadcast and social outlets around the world, including the CTV Your Morning, Tell Your Story, Sister Suite Talk, Lady Kay Chat and B-Against Bullying. Their articles have been featured in and Toronto Caribbean Newspaper. In addition to their extensive training and sales experience, Rio and Micca are trained, transformational coaches.

Micca also holds a degree in Accounting from Seneca College and Rio has studied Business at the University of North Texas.

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